The Mackenzie Environmental team has provided civil and environmental engineering consulting services to clients in the land development, oil and gas, mining, solid waste, government, manufacturing and legal industries.

Projects either currently underway or recently completed by Mackenzie Environmental include the following:

Civil Engineering;

  • Design of a piggyback lined landfill cell to be constructed at Surf Coast Shire Council’s Anglesea Landfill.
  • Design of three landfill cells for a large metropolitan solid inert landfill.
  • Design of a landfill cap and leachate pond for a landfill in northern Victoria.
  • Re-design of a landfill cap
  • Certification of Haul Road Management Plans in accordance with EPA Publication 332.5 for two different landfills.
  • Assistance with preparation of a landfill cap rehabilitation plan for a large metropolitan landfill.
  • Preparation of a 10 year capital expenditure plan for a regional Council with one operational landfill and a number of closed landfills.
  • Concept design of a landfill cap to facilitate development of a former quarry site in metropolitan Adelaide.
  • Stability assessment of excavated slopes at two former sand quarrying sites.
  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) inspection for installation of a double composite lining system.
  • Design of landfill cell and leachate pond for a rural Victorian landfill.
  • Investigation of existing landfill cell lining, capping, and extent of waste at two metropolitan landfills.
  • Contract administration for construction of three landfill cells.
  • Cost benefit analysis to assess various landfill cell lining and capping designs for a rural Victorian landfill.
  • Engaged as lead contractor for repair of a geomembrane lined leachate pond
  • Design of Cells 11 & 12 at Wollert Landfill
  • Design of a reinforced soil wall as part of a vertical landfill extension

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Environmental Engineering;

  • Preparation of a landfill gas risk assessment and landfill gas management plan for a rural Victorian landfill.
  • Installation of landfill gas and groundwater monitoring bores at a closed rural landfill as part of a broader risk assessment program.
  • Preparation of a design to improve the existing capping at a closed rural landfill, including preparation of an aftercare management plan for the site.
  • Preparation of an EPA Works Approval Application and concept designs for a landfill extension.
  • Determination of background CO2 levels at two large Melbourne metropolitan landfills
  • Environmental monitoring (landfill gas, groundwater, leachate and surface water) at a rural landfill (2 year contract)
  • Preparation of conceptual hydrogeological assessment at two Victorian landfills


Strategy and Project Development;

  • Preparation of a Works Approval Application for a landfill extension
  • Preparation of Financial Assurance calculations for several landfills
  • Preparation of a waste services financial model for a rural Victorian council
  • Operation and management review of a rural Victorian landfill
  • Third party peer review of a waste services financial model
  • Project management/Contract Administartion services during landfill cell construction phase

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